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Annual Statistics for Long Term Business 2016

Market Statistics

  • L1 Individual Life Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L2 Non-Linked Individual Life In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L3 Linked Individual Life In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L4 Individual Life New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L5 Individual Life Voluntary Termination Rate [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L6 Group Life and Retirement Scheme In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L7 Annuity and Other In-Force Business/Individual Annuity New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]

Individual Insurers' Statistics

  • L8 Non-Linked Individual Life In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L9 Linked Individual Life In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L10 Group Life In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L11 Retirement Scheme In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L12 Annuity and Other In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L13 Total In-Force Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L14 Non-Linked Individual Life New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L15 Linked Individual Life New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L16 Total Individual Life New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L17 Non-Linked Individual Annuity New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L18 Linked Individual Annuity New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • L19 Total Individual Annuity New Business [PDF] [EXCEL]

  • Notes to Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business Statistics 2016 [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • List of Insurers Covered in 2016 Annual Statistics [PDF] [EXCEL]
  • Definition of Terms [PDF] [EXCEL]
Some of the above materials are presented in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader for viewing. Install the Asian Font Pack if necessary.