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QDAP Selection Made Easy
QDAP Selection Made Easy allows you easily search for the current available QDAP options with applicable product features. Simply answer 5 questions, including current age, policy currency, premium payment period, annuity commencement age and annuity (income) payment period, to obtain the results. Alternatively, you could click and download “The Full QDAP List” to have a complete list of QDAPs with specified product information for better shaping your retirement while enjoying tax deduction if eligible.



This website and the QDAP Selection Made Easy (“Tool”) provided by the Insurance Authority (“IA”) on this webpage are designed to give an overview of all available offered Qualified Deferred Annuity Products (“QDAPs”) whereby the public could search for their own preferences and learn more.

This selection Tool is not intended to recommend or promote any insurance products, nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a product or its performance. The searched QDAP results from this Tool are only for reference and are not intended to be, and cannot substitute for, professional, financial, or taxation advice. The IA is not liable for any human or mechanical errors or omissions in, or any reliance placed upon, the results; nor is it liable for any consequential effect, any loss or damage, howsoever caused, arising from or in connection with the use of or inability to use the Tool or use of or reliance upon any information or material provided or generated by the Tool. You should not make a decision solely based on the information or analysis or search results provided by this Tool. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation, or other professional advice where appropriate.

The IA endeavours to ensure that the information contained or generated by the Tool is accurate as at the date of publication, but does not warrant its accuracy or accept any liability (including third-party liability) for any loss or damage, whether or not arising from any inaccuracy or omission or from any decision, action or non-action based on or in reliance upon information contained or generated by the Tool.  Please note that the product information on this webpage does not contain the full details of the products, and you should refer to the respective product documents including product brochures, benefit illustrations, and policy contracts for the accuracy of application eligibility, product features, terms and conditions, associated risks, exclusions, and any other relevant information made available from the insurers.