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Licensing of Insurance Intermediaries

Important Note:
Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") in relation to Licensing of Insurance Intermediaries below are designed to be read in conjunction with the guidelines issued by the Insurance Authority, and the key terms and abbreviations used have the same meanings as in the guidelines

For FAQs on Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") related matters, please visit our CPD webpage

Q1 to Q14:
Applying for new individual licence (for persons who do not hold a valid registration with the former three Self-Regulatory Organisations (“SROs”) i.e. Insurance Agents Registration Board (“IARB”), The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (“CIB”) and Professional Insurance Brokers Association (“PIBA”) before 23 September 2019)
Applying for new insurance broker company licence or insurance agency licence
Q16 to Q18:
Termination of Licence, New Appointment and Variation of Lines of Business
Q19 to Q20:
Individual persons previously licensed by the Self-Regulatory Organizations (deemed licensees)