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Expert Advisor Panel

The Insurance Authority (“IA”) has appointed an Expert Advisor Panel (“EP”) which consists of experts on insurance practice to assist the IA in giving technical advice when necessary during investigations, providing input on the level of sanction required to deter specific types of misconduct and serving as a valuable source of market intelligence and knowledge.

The EP Members were appointed by the IA under the recommendations of the industry, and on account of their knowledge and experience in law, insurance, and financial services.
Generally, the appointment of an EP Member will be for a 3-year term and he or she will be eligible for re-appointment at the end of each term.

EP Members
Mr James Bolus
Ms Kitty Chan Kit-chi
Ms Vivian Cheng Man-yin
Mr Vernon Cheuk
Mr Jim Jan Zen
Mr Simon Kwan Sai-ming
Dr Jones Lam Chung-sing
Ms Lillian Lam
Mr Kent Law
Mr Davey Lee
Mr Tony Mak
Mr Jimmy Poon Wing-fai, MH
Mr Kenny Siu
Mr Ricky So Wing-keung
Mr Tommy So
Mr Gary Soo Ka-yin
Mr Lewis Tse
Mr Glenn Turner
Mr Matthew Wong
Mr Vega Wong Chi-kau
Mr Alex Yip
Mr Frankie Yiu Kam-fai
Mr Allan Yu Kin-nam