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Disciplinary Panel Pool

The Insurance Authority (“IA”)'s decisions on disciplinary actions will be taken through its Disciplinary Panels, made up of personnel selected from the IA’s Disciplinary Panel Pool (“DPP”). The DPP consists of the majority of executive and non-executive directors of the IA (“IA Eligible DP Members”) and outside experienced professionals from the legal, financial services and other sectors appointed by the IA for this purpose (“Non-IA Eligible DP Members”).

Generally, the appointment of a Non-IA Eligible DP Member will be for a 3-year term from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2026 and he or she will be eligible for re-appointment at the end of each term.

IA Eligible DP Members
Dr Clement Chen Cheng-jen, GBS, JP
Ms Ivy Cheung Wing-han
Ms Agnes Choi Heung-kwan, MH
Dr Evelyn Lam Ho-yi, JP
Mr Lam Wai-kong, MH
Dr Ares Leung Kwok-ling
Mr Terry Lo Kin-wing
Ms Theresa Ng Choi-yuk, JP
Ir Dr Derrick Pang Yat-bond, JP
Mr Anson Wong Man-kit, SC
Professor Anna Wong Wai-kwan
Mr Kenneth Wong Wing-yan
Mr Clement Cheung Wan-ching, GBS, JP
Mr Clement Lau Chung-kin
Mr Lee Moung-mo
Mr Marty Lui Yu-kwok

Non-IA Eligible DP Members
Ms. Charity Au Chi-san
Mr. Harris Chan Heung-wing
Ms. Kitty Chan Kit-chi
Mr. Colin Cohen, MH
Mr. Alex Fan Hoi-kit, MH
Mr. Eric Hui Kam-kwai
Mr. Adrian King
Mrs. Christine Koo Cheung Man-kok
Mr. Verdi Kwan Cheuk-kui
Ms. Queenie F. Lau, SC
Mr. Chester Lee
Mr. Felix N.W. Li
Dr. Lo Pui-yin
Dr. Jimmy Y.T. Ma, SBS, JP
Mr. Philip Mak Shun-pong, MH
Ms. Winnie Mak Yan-yan
Mr. Raymond Ng Chi-hin
Mr. Robert Pang Yiu-hung, SC 
Mr. Jimmy Poon Wing-fai, MH
Dr. Patrick Poon Sun-cheong, SBS
Mr. Rath Bhabani Sankar
Mr. Albert T. da Rosa, Jr., BBS
Mr. David Smyth
Ms. Lucia Sun Sze-lui
Ms. Sara Tong See-pui, SC
Mr. Paul Winkelmann
Mr. Curtis Wong
Mr. Frank S.Y.Wong
Ms. Kelly Wong Yuen-hang
Mr. Martin W.H. Wong
Mr. Frankie Yiu Kam-fai